Ideas for Canvas Print Gifts

Do you want to surprise the people you love in a unique way? A canvas print can be a unique, amazing gift for birthdays, anniversaries and any other special event and all you have to do is let your imagination guide you!

If you cannot think of a great idea for your canvas print gifts, have a look at our list:

1.     Anniversary Gift Idea

Display and document all the years spent with your loved one by using a photo collage printed on a canvas. You can even do this for your friends, parents or other family members. The key is to get all the important photos and wrap them onto a canvas to create harmony.

2.     Proposal Idea

Surprise your loved one with moments of love printed on canvas and arranged in a story.

This is a great way to propose to someone – by capturing the happiest moments of your life together and popping the question onto a painting.

One great idea is to make series of prints that tell a story from the beginning of your relationship. Just do not forget to get down on your knees when she sees the proposal!

3.     Birthday Gift Idea

Canvas prints are a great birthday present, especially if you are thinking of what to buy for someone close to you. If a person is very close to you, you can use the opportunity and gather all documents and photos, starting from birth and school life to college and family life.

The process of choosing the photos can be time-consuming, but is totally worth it. If you make a print of all happy and fulfilling moments in someone’s life, they will surely be grateful for this kind of present!

4.     Wedding Gift Idea

A wedding day is special to every couple, so why not give them something they will be able to enjoy for years to come? Selecting the best photos of the couple and putting them onto a canvas can be a unique gift that the bride and groom have surely not received from anyone else.

5.     New Home Gift Idea

When your friends move to a new home, you should not go to visit them without a gift. But, what kind of gift can you give to people that just moved in to a new place?

A great idea for a canvas print that you can take to your friend’s new home is bright colored print for their kitchen. You can make a mistake with any other choice except for this since they may already have paintings in the house, but people rarely acknowledge the importance of art in the kitchen.

Use this opportunity to help your friends create focus in their kitchen by using bright colored canvas prints with food, fruits and even interesting food quotes that will brighten everyone’s day!

6.     Newborn Gift Idea

Did someone close to you just have a baby? Aside from solely purchasing something for the baby, why not buy something for the parents, too? Help them decorate the baby nursery with canvas prints of their newborn. This will surely make them happy!

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