Cost effective solution for Penang Vacation

Malaysia is one of the best tourist attractive countries in the world as it has lot of tourist places to be visited once in life time. Many of us will postpone the trip as we worry about the expenditure of the tour and the cost that is spent in hotel. This article will provide you with some tips with which you can enjoy your vacation at Penang.

The important thing is to reach the vacation spot so you can travel by bus from KL to Penang which is the cost effective mode of transportation. As Penang is the most popular tourist place there are many hotels in the area and these hotels are branded and the cost of these hotels will be 100 dollars per night and this may sound expensive while you are on budget. Many midrange hotels are also available in and around the town and they also offer the affordable service throughout the year.

You can prefer eating the street foods which are sold throughout the year and this food is safe and healthy and the visit to Penang would be incomplete without this street food as they are delicious and can be found there throughout the year. In order to cut down the cost of the tour it is good to visit only the places that have no entrance fees and there are few important places that can be visited without any entrance fees.

In the budgeted tour the guided tour will not be an effective solution as they will cost high. In order to make the tour more adventurous you can plan the tour by yourself. You need to research about the city since the city is hot you will need some precautions like wearing a hat, spray that can avoid sun blocks, and also carry a water bottle which will help to prevent dehydration.

Walking all the day may be difficult so it is good to use other modes of transport such as renting a bike for cost or you can use free buses which will help to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.