Want to have a good jump in your volleyball game and be a great player. There are many things apart from training and exercise that you will have to focus on for achieving your goal of being a greater vertical jumper. Taking a good diet and having a good peaceful sleep is a must for you. Just by concentrating on the exercise, weight lifting and training regime, you are making your muscles over worked out and stressed and fatigued. Good diet and sleep will replenish all the lost energy and give a new life to your muscles for proper training as well as for making them ready for development.

Muscles as well as your body needs rest periods. You cannot use your body continuously. It is not a machine, it requires periods of work and rest.  Always listen to the needs of your body. If you do not understand this concept, your body will react in a negative way and all the training will go for a waste. For good results, it is always mandatory that you feed your body with a good and healthy diet with the required calorie intake, adequate amounts of peaceful sleep for the recovery and muscle repair and also let your body have enough rest periods in between the workouts.

The balance between all these three things will only help you achieve your target. The balance between proteins, calorie intake and energy expenditure all should be well set. This way you will achieve the best muscle gain for your game.

Vertical Jump Training1GET A GOOD DIET AND SLEEP

These days there are lot of supplementary options like protein shakes and other tablet supplements. What one has to know is that the body is not concerned in what form you take the protein, all it is bothered is to get the proper amount and at the right time. The best time is to get your requirement within two to three hours of your workout. The right balance between protein and carbohydrates is also important to the body.

Another important thing to keep in mind for volleyball and vertical jump training at is the muscles. Jumping in places like hot showers and sauna will help muscles recover quickly and also get them ready for the next workout.

Thus, for getting the best results for your training, setup a good sleep pattern along with the habit of a good and healthy diet. At least 6-8 hours is sleep is a must for giving the body ample rest before starting a new day.

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