Best features of Rolex Watches

Rolex, a time piece which many of us do not own but familiar with its luxury watches. Rolex watches are estimated in the year 1905. Rolex started many new things like water proof watches and long lasting watches. Since the watches are highly regarded and retain value for so many years.

Here are some of the unique features of Rolex watches-

Design, though it contains many unique features the intricate design must be considered. These watches come in a range of designs and are suitable for every choice of dress. You will find the apt choice for formal occasions, for casual outings. There are watches that can be used when you go sporting, or when you are out on the beach. You will find a great selection in both men’s watches and women’s watches too. Some of these watches are so exclusive-looking, that the price will blow you off.  One can also check out the Used Rolexes for Sale.

  • Each wrist watch takes more than a year to make! Because all the parts are created in house. More over watches do not leave the factory unless they are perfect.
  • The company is ruling many hearts of the Rolex wrist watch lovers for more than a century.
  • The watches look stunning from outside and consists impressive internals. The perfection level of Rolex aims to achieve every single watch comes up with guaranteed long term performance.
  • Each single watch are tested and assembled carefully from minute adjustments to oscillator position to ensure accuracy.Rolex Watches33
  • Apart from all, Rolex comes with certified Swiss Chronometer, which is not claimed by any other watch manufacturers.
  • To get this certification, special care is required during assembly of highest quality components.
  • Single watch is tested over a period of two weeks in 5 different positions and three different temperatures!
  • Seven different criteria’s are calculated in order to receive certification.
  • The watch comes with number of notable features like guaranteed movement protection of elements such as, steel, gold or platinum.
  • Accordingly, the oyster case was the first water proof case for a wrist watch.
  • Every Rolex watch comes with a unique serial number which helps trace owner’s identity in case of theft or loss.
  • With growing popularity of Rolex, imitation of fake watches surfaced all over. Since many cannot afford luxurious models!
  • The watches can be resale even after many years, since it remains as new when purchased.
  • Rolex owns a universe of its own with loads of respect, admiration and value across the world.
  • Rolex has its own science labs to research more effective and manufacturing techniques.