The points to ponder over the choice of a newborn photographer

When it comes to baby photographers in Bangalore, the market is flooded with a number of them offering varying styles, pricing along with experience. As a client, you are in a tricky situation of whom to choose and hereby are some tips which would go a long way in determining a newborn baby photography Bangalore.

Before you get down to any form of research the first thing that you need to figure out is how will the photos look 10 years down the line. Do you need to take into consideration what is trendy or reflect your own interests? Is the use of bright colors recommended or the picture clean and crisp? The manner in which you want your photographs to be displayed or saved goes a long way in determining a professional baby photographer Bangalore.

Now, once you have a rough idea of the type of photographer you are looking, Google it and undertake a systematic research. Check out as many websites as it is possible and make a list of the photographers whose work you tend to admire. Most of the newborn photographers have their session dates sorted out well in advance. But before you book them, there are some other points that you ought to consider. Let us now go on to analyze the other conditions needed to make the final decision.


This might be an important factor for some people, but this should not be the only reason on why you go on to choose a newborn photographer. The price of a newborn photographer depends on his experience or skill sets and what as a client you are considering in the first place. Some of them will offer a complete package, whereas others will charge a session by session charge, and invite you to choose the product you want in person or through the online galleries. Some of them will go on to offer a premium product which will come at a high cost, whereas you can rely on budget friendly packages at the same time.

If you are not keen to opt for digital files and want them all your disk, then do consider the cost of printing involved as well. Good quality photographs cost you much and digital frames need to be purchased accordingly. If you are looking to hand over the prints to your extended family, then just the files will be enough. In case if you are considering posting the images online, then it would not be a bad idea to watermark the images, in case they are not stolen or being shared on the web.

Whatever be your priorities, make it a point that you are comfortable with the pricing structure of the newborn photographer before you plan to book for one.

Your contract with a newborn photographer

This is perhaps the most important of the lot. You are leaving your baby in the hands of a stranger and asking them to capture some amazing click and that too paying them a decent amount of money. What happens if any mishap occurs during the session? What is the result if the camera breaks? All these questions need to be answered and it depends on the contract between the photographer and the client which is in documented form.

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