Panda mini portable washer review

Panda mini portable washer review



Panda mini portable washer reviewsI have been living in an apartment for several years and have always loathed the hassle of dragging my clothing to and from the Laundromat.  I would spend at least three hours every other week trying to wash all of my dirty laundry, towels, and bedding at one time.  I also had to have at least a full $10 in quarters each time to make sure I got everything done.A friend of mine told me about the Wonder Washer portable washing machine that she used in her apartment, in lieu of going to the Laundromat frequently.  The convenience of being able to clean all of my clothes in my apartment, without having to wash them by hand, was irresistible.


After much research and reading many reviews, I ended up purchasing the Panda portable washer, as owners had nothing but good things to say about it.  The moment that I unboxed my new Panda mini portable washer, I knew that my apartment living would be transformed.  Yes, go ahead and add this to the growing stack of positive Panda mini portable washer reviews!


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It was small enough to put on the counter, next to the sink.(It’s a snap to move, since it has a handle on top for easy transport.)  You simply connect the fill hose to your faucet, and it fills the Panda mini washer through the top fill hole.  I found it easier to fill the washer about 75% of the way before I loaded my soap and clothes, to make sure they would become saturated and easier for the motor to spin.  The washer is large enough to do about two pairs of women’s pants, six or so shirt, a large towel, or a small set of sheets.  The most important thing is making sure the items aren’t too heavy for the motor to spin properly.


Over the course of a few weeks, I discovered several tips that I think really help me get the most out of the Panda mini portable washer.  First, I let the items sit in the water with the soap for a little bit to soak if they are more heavily soiled.  Second, I generally dump it all out in the bathtub instead of refilling the washer with clean water to rinse.  The soapy water can even be reused that way, if the previous wash wasn’t too dirty!


All in all, the Panda mini portable washer has been a fantastic investment.  I can do several small loads each day instead of having to wait around while I do it all at once at the Laundromat.  Now, I only have to go to the Laundromat if I need to wash my duvet, really!  With the money I have saved in quarters alone, the Panda mini washer will have paid for itself in just a few months.  Now that’s awesome.


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