Is it right to treat celebrities as experts in all domains?

Unfortunately, these days, if someone is good at acting, sports, writing, etc. the society automatically starts considering that individual as someone who is expert in all domains. People whose net worth is above a certain level are often expected to be experts in all domains. This is where it all goes wrong. If someone is good in acting, why is it that people start asking him about his views on climate change and foreign policy?

If someone is unwell, he or she would visit a doctor’s clinic. If there is something wrong with the car, people would take it to the mechanic. Similarly, if someone needs an expert opinion on the situation in Iraq, he or she would probably opt to watch a show featuring diplomat’s opinion. But, believe it or not, these days’ people approach Hollywood stars and sportsmen for their opinion on all these questions.

An actor can prove to be accurate as far as a movie review or performance review is concerned. But, the same person may not prove to be accurate if he comments about the situation of migrants in Europe.

TV channels looking for better TRPs

Even media allows these people to talk on a variety of issues, no matter how nonsense their answers are. In fact, channels are always happy to offer their platform to celebrities.

Celebrities claim they try to spread awareness by discussing issues that they are not a pro in. The fact is, after making millions of dollars, they probably want people to give them attention and take them seriously.

TV channels opt for the best starts from celebrity net worth wiki.  Big star on the show means more advertisements, and of course, more viewers for the channel. Hope one day, journalists would understand; even if an actor is interested in politics, most of his fans would like to watch him act instead of contesting polls.

Experts suggest that this wasn’t the case during the golden days of Hollywood. People used to prefer to keep some distance between them and their favorite celebrities. Gossip magazines were also present back then; stars were never asked questions about love or about qualities that they would like to see in a man.