Factors for consideration in choosing air purifier

Most of us are aware of the impurities in the air which are very dangerous for our health. Yet, most people consider having an air purifier is just for luxury. The reason why having an air purifier is a necessity is that it has a lot of health benefits. It doesn’t really matter how clean your home is, air pollutants are everywhere.  You should invest in an air purifier for good health of your family.

And if you have a home or office with heavy smokers, then choosing Rocky Mountain Air makes smoke eaters is suggestive. So, how do you choose the best air purifier? Apart from the filter capacity of the air purifier, certain other aspects must be looked up on before buying the filter. These include the clean delivery rate of the purifier, noise level, reliability, etc. The CADR or the clean air delivery rate is the capacity or standard measurement of the total volume of air that the purifier is capable of purifying or cleansing in one hour time span. The efficiency of the filter is determined by this CADR number where higher the number greater the efficiency of the purifier.

CFM or Cubic Feet per minute is yet another measurement used to gauge the efficiency of the purifier. This number depicts the amount of air flowing through the purifier in one minute time. Any purifier with a CFM between 350 to 400 CPM is considered to be potent air purifier. Warranty period of the air purifier must be at least for a period of five years which includes repair and replacement of the fan of the purifier as well as the motor.

Rocky mountain20Best air purifier ideal for your home has seven stages of purification

For cleaning the air in the houses, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has come up with established clear ozone limits for spaces which come to around 0.05 ppm which is considered to be safe.  A Single air purifier is never recommended as a solution because; single technology may not effectively purify the air when compared to the different technologies available in different purifiers.

Basically an ionizer or activated carbon filter can be a good choice but air purifier with seven purification stages is the idea one that rids the air of all pollutants and provides you with clean fresh air. The air purifiers will ensure that we inhale air that is free from allergens.