Fat to Fit – The Clen way

Everyone today is looking for a well toned body and to go the “Fat to Fit” way. There are gyms, aerobics centers, yoga classes which are effective in losing weight. While It is a good thing to workout we also have various weight loss medicines that are easily available either in the market or over the internet. Though most widely used in the veterinary industry, these drugs have already created a buzz and have attracted a lot of people.

Weight Loss and Cutting Cycle

Before we start talking about clenbuterol as a weight loss drug and its cutting cycle it is important to know that Clenbuterol helps in weight loss only when it is combined with effective workout. Clenbuterol on its own wont result in weight loss. When combined with exercise it effectively cuts that last stubborn fat lump, but if you are slightly or highly overweight it is recommended that you first reduce your weight by exercising bring it close to normal and then add clenbuterol along with your usual workout.

Cutting cycle is the time taken or planned to reach the desired weight with proper segmentation. Clenbuterol comes in different cycles but the most common ones are two days on/ two days off  And two weeks on/two weeks off.

In two days on/two days off high dosage of clenbuterol is consumed for two days and then stopped for two days. The cycle is continued until you reach the desired weight. In a two week on/two week off cycle the dosage of clenbuterol starts with 20 mcg and goes upto 140 mcg. After two weeks of takings the dose a rest of two weeks is given until you start again. The calculation is simple you start with 20mcg and gradually keep increasing it until the set target is achieved. So if you stopped at 80mcg then after two weeks you will start with 80mcg and slowly keep increasing it until you reach 140 mcg.


Though majorly used in the veterinary industry, it does not affect the kidneys. However, it is important to note that consuming it regularly for months will not result in magical weight loss instead your weight will become stagnant because the body over a period time becomes immuned, hence resulting in no weight loss rather you could end up gaining more weight. The most ideal time is to take it 45 minutes before the workout. Keeping yourself hyderated and consuming taurine could help fight the side effects of taking clenbuterol.