Most Famous Mosques in Indonesia

Mosque refers to the Arabic name; Masjid. It is a holy place in Islam and a place where Muslims do their worship. It is spread in over the world and it is well known as a general importance for all Muslims. It represents the Islamic culture that you can see from its architecture and decoration design. Although mosque is a holy place of Islam, it can be the best place to see beautiful decoration and architecture which is some of them are famous in over the world. Since Islam is a religion which is spread in around the world, then mosque also has a huge number of its existence. Indonesia is one of the examples of the country which has many mosques and many of them have beautiful and great architecture design. This exotic country does not only serve you traditional culture attraction and great view, but also it serves you such a religion place that offers an exquisite panorama. You will find it from the most contemporary design to the most modern famous mosques in Indonesia. If you do a vacation in Indonesia, then you have to enlist several mosques there as your destination place.

There are many famous mosques in Indonesia that you must visit, some of them are:

  • Soko Tunggal Mosque. The name of Soko Tunggal has the meaning of single pillar which is from Javanese name style. This mosque was built in 1288 which the location is in Purwokerto, Central Java. The meaning of Soko Tunggal is referred to the God who is the only one in Islam. This mosque is beautifully surrounded by forest where the monkeys live there.
  • Al-Akbar Mosque. If you are looking for the largest mosques in Indonesia, then you will find this mosque in the list. The location of this mosque is in Surabaya. It is unique for its dome which has blue and green color to create fresh air sense when you are coming inside the mosque.
  • Demak Mosque. The location of this mosque is in Demak, Central Java. The architecture building has a combination of traditional Hindu Javanese and Islamic design. People believe that this mosque is a meeting place for WaliSongo who spread Islam to this country. The structure of this mosque is from timber and was perfected by great intricate carvings. This mosque has been built by RadenPatah, a King of Demak, in 15th century. This mosque is enlisted as the oldest mosques in Indonesia.

If you come to Indonesia, then you should not miss to visit those mosques. They do not only have majestic architecture, but they also have the rich of Islamic value. The combination of the architecture decoration designs creates a plus value for you to see those mosques by yourself. It is not only for Muslim who can visit those places, but also Non-Muslim is available. However, they should wear an appropriate attire to respect the religion when coming to this mosque. You have to visit those great famous mosques in Indonesia to create beautiful memories in your great vacation.

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