How To Benefit From Dianabol

Many steroids are stacked by bodybuilders to get strength, agility, endurance, muscle gain, fat loss etc. The user looks to what will cater to his/her need and customise his cycles accordingly. To get faster results steroids boost the mechanism at a faster rate and enable to perform and change your physicality in a short period. Only diet and exercise will not give the ripped look and hard toned muscles, steroids and supplements play a vital role.

A strict uniform diet and workout routines with stack cycles will give the retention of the muscled look, in normal persons, the muscles break down faster unlike fat cells which have walls which are hard to penetrate and break down. But steroids have the ability to do that.

Dosage of dianabol

Dianabol cycle will be of one and a half months. After your cycle you will see total gains after your PCT.

Initial two weeks the stack should begin with dianabol with 500mg of testosterone. Two days of the week, say Monday and Thursday add enanthate to this combo.

Dianabol dosage can be increased by 20mg to 40 mg in the next two weeks leaving out the other steroids/supplements in the stack.

If you want to extend the cycle to two months, then the first routine will continue to week six and the increase of the dianabol dosage by 20mg more will begin the final two weeks of the cycle. Click here to learn about the safe usage for beginners.

Results of using dianabol

If the cycle is followed accurately, that is if it suits your body and you could finish the cycle with no hinderance of side effects. It has been observed that muscle gains can be seen in the first three weeks of the cycle itself.

Dianabol is most effective for men compared to women and significant gains are readily observed in men with the right dosage, right calorie intake with good exercise routines.

To determine whether dianabol has worked for you, a simple test as checking out how much you have bulked before the intake and after the use of dianabol. It should almost double. This is if you are taking the dosage right. If you are expecting more, it’s not healthy and less gains means you not doing something right perhaps the dose, diet or workouts.

How to be calorie conscious when using dianabol

Calorie intake plays a vital role while using dianabol cycles. Men actually need 3000-4000 calories where as females up to 100 calories for the rapid muscle gain that is expected of dianabol usage.

A combo meal of 50% protein + 30% carbs + 20% fats should be part of the diet for dianabol to work effectively. Sugary and processed foods should be eliminated from your daily intake of food.

If you find the dosage ineffective for your gains then an increase to 100mg but not more to be taken but this may cause severe side effects, hence best to avoid or take another anabolic steroid which suits your body.